Sunday, 6 November 2016

Hi, I'm Pep004!

I was analysing and making predictions on football matches of LaLiga for several years. In average my yield was between 11-13% (highest 18%, lowest 8%). Now I decided to publish analysis online in english, so everyone will have chance to read them. Everything is published for free, there is no need for sharing, for likes on Facebook, anything. For this season I decided to include French Ligue 1, and sometimes there will be picks also from Premier league, Champions league and some international matches.

What can you expect?
- There are already some analysis of this week but without stakes, which will be also written in next ones.
- So... I will publish short, sometimes longer analysis which will be including prediction and stake.
- After round I will make one post for commenting results - to analyse if I predicted something wrong, if I was lucky, unlucky, etc.
- First statistic will be updated after 30 picks, and then after each round as soon as possible.

Sometimes during the week, you'll also find some news on blog, which could be useful!

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