Monday, 28 November 2016

Post match analysis - LIGUE 1

Rennes 1-0 Toulouse
Prediction: Rennes AH -0,25 @2,09

Correct analysis, correct prediction, it's just good feeling after matches like this. They hit the crossbar, the post, and match could finish with bigger difference. 

Montpellier 0-0 Nancy
Prediction: Montpellier -0,5 @2,02

Correct analysis, prediction unfortunately not. Game started with Montpellier hitting post. They also hit crossbar, while Nancy had just one real chance in whole match, and also that came after bad mistake of Montpellier's defence. Montpellier was much better team in this match, but unfortunately for them and me, final result was 0-0.

Nice 1-1 Bastia
PICK: Nice AH -0,75 @1,93

I need to say it again. Analysis was correct! Match started with chance for Plea, but goalkeeper Leca saved it. Plea scored after pass from corner kick, but he should score at least once more as he didn't score from situation 1on1 with goalkeeper. Bastia who started pretty defensively as expected (5-3-2), made substitutions on half-time and with Maximin they started playing better. Crivelly first missed chance to score from corner kick, but then scored few minutes later, but I really don't know what the hell was Dante doing at this goal... he was in the goal, shot was pretty bad and he could save the goal but he reacted like robot. After that Nice started playing offensively again and chances were coming one after another. If anyone lost lots of money on Nice I recommend that you skip this video of highlights (specially on 2:49). Match should end with at least 3 or 4 goals of Nice, but Bastia was lucky again.

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