Monday, 14 November 2016

Post match analysis

Georgia 1-1 Moldova
Predicted: Georgia AH -1

Everything started fine, with Georgia scoring in 15th minute. They were in control of the match, had possession as predicted, in 26th minute it should be 2-0, but Okriashvili missed from 6-7 meters. Just 3 minutes later again, cross from right side and finish by Kvilitaia from aprox. 5 meters but directly to Cebanu, goalkeeper of Moldova. In 34th minute another chance, this time from left side but Cebalu was on right spot again. First serious chance of Moldova was in 42nd minute from set piece from right side. Result after first half could already be at least in 2 goals difference, but it stayed at 1-0. In second half Moldova tried more throw counter-attacks. And in 78th minute they scored. It was a fabolous strike by midfielder of Rostov - Gatcan which received the ball which bounced from one of his teammates stopped it on chest and hit it perfectly. For sure goal worth to see, but unfortunately it costed me 3 units.

France 2-1 Sweden
Predicted: France AH -1,5

Just another match where team against who I bet, scored a screamer! France was in control as predicted, had more chances as predicted, but finishing was poor. Griezmann, Payet, and Pogba were not even at they're average. France had also some set-pieces from superb position for good kicker, but as mentioned those players were just out of form in this match. Sweden had chances mainly from set-pieces and counter-attacks, but I need to admit that I expected much more from France. Both goals they scored were somehow lucky, because of mistakes of Swedish players, but it's true that they could score more from normal situations. Anyway best player of Sweden, Forsberg was marked pretty poorly and he created some chances for Sweden as well. I need to mention his goal from free kick, which was absolutely fantastic, but again.. costed me my stake and lost prediction.

Uruguay 2-1 Ecuador
Predicted: Uruguay AH -0,75 half win

As predicted match was played in pretty high tempo, with Uruguay slightly more in possession and also better chances as well, but Ecuador could make things different. Uruguay was little bit better, but in my opinion they didn't deserve to win for more then one goal, because it was pretty close match. In my opinion, Georgia pick was much better but it was lost.

Brazil 3-0 Argentina
Predicted: Argentina AH +0,5

Copy of posts on facebook during the match:

Half time: Brazil 2-0 Argentina
Argentina is in control, but counter attacks of Brazilians are winning for now. Awful performance by Mascherano in first half time. His balls are far from accurate, transition with ball is too slow, and when he should be on place to stop counter attack, he is not there. I was expecting much more also from Di Maria and especially from Higuain. Bauza has some options in Aguero and Lavezzi, but for now Brazilians looks pretty close to all three points. Argentinians are totally without idea how to come throw defensive line of Brazil.

Brazil 3-0 Argentina
Mas slipped Paulinho scored for 3-0 and game is done. Bauza with crucial mistake in HT, puting midfielder Perez out for Aguero, and opened they're defense to Brazilians counter-attacks even more. Brazilians had 3 clear chances in 15 minutes of 2nd half, while Argentinians are still totally without idea how to break defensive line of Brazil. Besides, Mori and Otamendi already with yellow cards and on really really thin line after many fouls.

It looks like pretty badly missed pick, but I saw a value in it and I would do it again. Why? Because it was big derby, with two great squads and odds should be more in edge. It looks that I am wrong, but that's my opinion and I stand behind of it. Brazil was crazy throw counter-attacks, while Argentina played one of the worst matches in last period. It looked like all the players are just waiting what will Messi do. They were dangerous when Messi tried individually but that was not enough. Besides, I think that Brazil team was well prepared to stop him with whole team.

Austria 0-1 Ireland
Predicted: Austria AH -0,5

I predicted Austrians to be in control of the match which was correct. They also had great chance to being a leaders with 1-0, but crossbar stopped them. Again, Austrians were better team on the pitch, controlling the match - Ireland had only 132 passes in 90 minutes, but one successful counter-attack was enough for them to finish match with getting all three points.

It was a bad weekend, but after analysing it, I can say that picks where I could say that I was wrong with analysis was the only green pick - Uruguay - Ecuador where Ecuador showed more then expected and analysis of match between Brazil and Argentina, where I was expecting more careful , defensive start of Argentina, because of threat of Brazilians counter-attacks, but they started offensive and maybe that was the biggest mistake of head coach Bauza in start of the match. All other matches were somehow unwinding as predicted but unfortunately without correct final score. I know that for many of you that's the most important part of analysis, but I know that this will come around.

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