Thursday, 24 November 2016

Post match analysis

Time for analyse my two analysis in Champions League!

Sporting Lisbon 1-2 Real Madrid
Prediction: Real Madrid AH -0,75 @1,781 hw

I took it with high-stakes with lots of confidence and it started solid. Real came in front with goal of Varane and even if Sporting created some chances, after red card for Pereira in 64th minute it looked that we are save and that pick will be at HW. Real decided to calm down the game but Coentrao played with hand in the box and Silva scored from the penalty in 80th minute. After that Real started playing in higher gear and 7 minutes later Benzema scored after assist of Sergio Ramos.  

Analysis was ok, but football showed again how unpredictable and full of surprises it could be. Real had it under control, but in 59th minute they lost Bale due to injury, in 71st minute Marcelo with same reason, but at the end they grabbed predicted win and we can be satisfied with half win bet here.

Borussia M'Gladbach 1-1 Manchester City
Prediction: Manchester City AH -1 @2,45

It was good decision to take the asian -1 here with only 3 units, because stake on normal win would be higher, because my judgment was hardly on away side. City was totally in control of the match (69%) but Gladbach was trying with more shots, also from distance, but just few of them were dangerous. In my opinion there was foul of Stindl on Stones right before the 1st goal of Gladbach, but well... 10 minutes later Gundogan's shot was stopped by Somer, who was one of best rated players of Gladbach. He saved Germans again in 45th minute, when he stopped Agüero's shot from 10-11 meters. Minute later Silva finally scored and half time ended with result 1-1. In second City pressed even harder. Sterling scored in 50th min., but from offside. And game changer came in 51st minute - Stindl's red card and after that Gladbach who already played pretty defensively went totally in they're box and City was also because of another under average performance of Agüero without ideas. 12 minutes after red card for Stindl, Fernandinho did small foul (maybe not even foul) and received second yellow card, so it was 10-10 match. From my point of view, not even one of those fouls were enough for red card.. Anyway nothing changed, City was totally in control, all over the pitch, while Gladbach was defending and trying to do something from counters, but they were totally harmless. Anyway result could change in 67th minute when De Bruyne tried Sommer from distance, but Yann saved it amazingly.

I need to admit that I was expecting much more from Gladbach. I was somehow surprise how defensive was they're formation on the pitch. They pressed high on Ettihad, but played totally differently this time. They needed to win, but we could say that they didn't even try. Now things are done. Barca is 1st, City 2nd, and it can happen that both teams will rotate and give opportunity to youngsters - specially City. So if Celtic wins against City then Gladbach can say goodbye also to Liga Europe, because I don't believe that they are far from good enough to take points on Camp Nou.

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