Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Post match analysis - Ligue 1

Great run with French Ligue 1. Right now 8/1/1/0/2 (W/HW/V/HL/L) with 80% hit rate in this league.

Angers 2-2 Lorient
Prediction: Lorient AH +0,50 @1,90

Match as predicted. If anyone was better here, then it was Lorient who was underdog before the match. Both teams created some more chances, but honestly - Lorient was the one closer to being in the lead. As analysis as prediction were correct!

Marseille 3-0 Nancy
Prediction: Marseille AH -0,75 @2,07

I said in analysis that Marseille is showing better and better performances, and even if it can not be seen on results, I can see it on how they play. They showed it this time! Maybe I could reach higher odds with asians -1, but I am satisfied with this one too. As analysed, they totally outplayed Nancy, had 2-3 great chances more, but anyway finished the match convincingly. As said, they're wingers will be the problem for Nancy, specially best player of the match Thauvin, who scored amazing goal. Again, analysis and prediction, both correct!

Nice 3-0 Toulouse
Prediction: Nice AH -0,50 @2,14

As said in analysis, Nice is still underestimated by bookmakers. I would set odds on 1,75-1,80 not higher, that's also why little bit higher stake this time. Nice scored first two goals after great long pass of Dante, but anyway they played much much better, created few more chances to score. As predicted possession was strongly on home side 67,1%, they had more then twice more passes then opponent, who I need to admit that created 1-2 nice chances, but that's somehow normal against Nice, who is trying to play with short passes everywhere, which costs them individual errors and giving opponent opportunity to come in good position to score, but Toulouse's players were simply not good enough to seriously put home team in danger. Also here correct analysis and prediction, and I need to praise Plea this time, who had great match with goal and assist.

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