Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Post match analysis

West Ham 1-0 Hull
Prediction: West Ham AH -0,75 @1,846 hw

First, I am not used to see odds rising after I am publishing the bet (for example Lorient went from 2,33 to 2,15, Rennes from 1,98 to 1,75 or something like that. Here, odds were higher few minutes before the match, and we were able to see one of the craziest matches in this round. Hull hit the post for 3 times, but West Ham was the one who scored. All in all I am satisfied with analysed things, as they won more 2nd balls, actually they got penalty right after ball was bouncing around in the box of Hull. It's a good question if referee was right to whistle it, but it was fine for my prediction. Noble scored and West Ham won. Otherwise, they were much better in passing success ratio, but if I am honest, Hull deserved much more here, but mostly because of first half, in second, specially in last 30 minutes West Ham was better and they could also finish with 2-0.. But yes, everything could be different in first half and as I said, I have to learn a lot about this league..

Lorient 2-1 St. Etienne
Prediction: Lorient AH -0,25 @2,33

It was actually an early call, and St. Etienne came without first goalkeeper Ruffier and defender Pogba, two very important players of this team. Even if Waris was out at Lorient as well, home side were much much better in this team. Odds dropped till the match on 2,15. Lorient played one of the best matches this season and fair result should be with 3 goals difference. In 90th minute they scored 2nd goal for 2-0, but St. Etienne scored little bit later, but from corner kick. All in all, as analyse as prediction were correct. Lorient took more than 60% of possession, and difference in shots was 21-9. 

Rennes 1-2 Bastia
Prediction: Rennes AH -0,5 @1,917

In my opinion Rennes had problems with underestimating the opponents here. It was an early call as well, odds dropped on 1,70 till the match and even if Rennes was in possession, they're passes were for 19% better than Bastia's, but they didn't create enough good chances to score. Bastia defended well, and scored 2 goals in 4 minutes and it was impossible to return for Rennes, even if they scored at the end of the match, it was simply too late. In this case, I am satisfied with what I analysed and predicted, because Rennes was the better team on the pitch, they had much more possession, passing success ratio, tackles, but Bastia was the one lucky here, with scoring from they're chances.

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