Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Post match analysis

Crystal Palace 1-2 Swansea City
Prediction: Crystal Palace AH -0,5 @1,82

PL strikes again. I know that I said that there will be only a few analysis from Premier league, as I need to learn a lot about the league and it's to risky to put units on it, but yesterday after analysing the match between Crystal Palace and Swansea, I simply needed to put it on side as I found many miss matches which I thought home team will take as advantage, but they didn't. As predicted, Swansea was the on in possession, but I predict also lots of chances from wing play situations for Crystal Palace and it didn't happen. It's true that if they attacked anywhere, then it was on flanks, but too poor and without serious danger. On the other side I need to admit that Swansea was all over the pitch in first half, missing one great chance, while home team had chances only throw free kicks, as Swansea made some fouls in dangerous positions, there should be also a penalty for Crystal Palace in second half, but all in all they didn't deserve nothing more then draw. I am still saying that analysis was fine, but maybe I should include the fact that home team had only 1 day of rest before this match, but anyway. If the match would be today, I would probably make the same call.

LaLiga is coming this week-end, Ligue 1 in next, so stay tuned!

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