Monday, 9 January 2017

Post match analysis

Eibar 0-2 Atletico Madrid
Prediction: Atletico Madrid AH -0,75 

As written in analysis, they're going back to "old shape". They were not in possession, they played hard, tough match, with lots of tackles, keeping the ball mainly in middle third of the pitch, and even if Eibar had some half chances, Atletico was the one scoring. First goal came after combination from corner kick (in my opinion Saul was in offside), while second came right after solid chance of Eibar and it was product by French duo - Griezmann and Gameiro. Kevin came up as the joker from the bench just 3 minutes before assisting for second goal. Starting lineup of Atletico was pretty defensive minded, with Gimenez on defensive midfielder position. Without loosing aerial duel and winning 6 of them, also having 5 tackles (of 22), twice clearing the dangerous situation in front of they're goal, he was selected as best player of the match. As said, they were not in possession, they had less passes, worse passing success, but better with tackles, better in air and they scored from they're chances. Classic Atletico!

Real Betis 2-0 Leganes
Prediction: Real Betis AH -0,50

I need to say that Betis impressed me in this match. They impressed me especially with they're pressing, as they were coming to attack an opponent with the ball from at least 2 sides, mostly from 3 and Leganes didn't have much of this game. It's true that possession was "only" 52-48 in favour of home team, but everyone who watched the match saw that Andalusians were much much better side and deserved all three points here. They had 12 more tackles then Leganes and they created much more chances. As I was predicting, there will be some free kicks from dangerous areas as Leganes is one of teams who is often making fouls too late, but luckily for them, Betis didn't take an advantage of it. Anyway they took advantage of miss pass to score second goal and finish the match. I am satisfied as analysis as with final result.

Villarreal 1-1 Barcelona
Prediction: Barcelona AH -1,00

First of all, Barcelona disappointed me with how they started the match, totally without will, without ideas, without motivation. Something totally opposite what I was expecting, and it looks that Luis Enrique totally lost control, tactically they're one of the poorest top teams right now, even if they have some of best players. But even if they play bad, they created some chances, let's say situations and as happened in Bilbao, when referee didn't want to show on penalty spot, it happened also in Villarreal but in absurd way. Bruno blocked shot of Messi with hands like a goalkeeper, and even if referee was in good position and he saw what happened, he decided that everything was clear. He had another chance to whistle penalty little bit later, but of course he didn't. In 90th min. Messi scored from free kick, but it was to late.

And unfortunately as Diego Simeone said: "Dangerously complicated for any team other than Real Madrid because it can't happen that Real Madrid wins only one league after seven years. So, I see [the Liga title race] dangerously prepared for Real Madrid, sadly."

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