Sunday, 19 February 2017

Bad run or misfortune?


one of followers asked me on 9th December on Facebook, if I have "magic stick" and if I ever felt "loosing row", because results looks unreal - his question came right after green series (8 of 8 correct predictions in the row) and my response was: "of course I had bad series and it will happen again". Now all of you can see... In last 10 matches score is: 2/1/7 unfortunately it happened. Red row is inevitable in sports betting! 

I will make post match analysis tomorrow, but right now... I can say that I am really unlucky. On Friday, Bastia scored with help of goal line technology, on Saturday Lorient's goal should be admitted in the same way as video clearly shown that ball was over the goal line, but even if I really don't know why, goal was not admitted by referee's. Today my prediction was more than 2,5 goals in the match of Valencia and Bilbao, we've seen 30 shots on goal! 30 shots! After 2-0 on half-time, and already 1 disallowed goal because of offside, it looked like that this match couldn't finish in under, but guess what, it finished 2-0. 

Of course bad streak affected me, put me in bad mood, but watching those matches, I can not lose confidence. Even if it's hard to predict in which way the match will go, all of them were close, on the verge (except Granada-Betis, where for example we've seen half less shots in the match than in match between Valencia and Bilbao, but we've seen 5 goals). 

Lot of people are responding on bad streaks with changing tactics, strategy, etc. which are in my opinion a mistake. If you are in profit on long term, what I am, then there is no need for changes. My way of analysing will remain the same and as I already said, this lucky/unlucky fact will turn around, and green row will come back. Anyone who thinks that there was no luck is wrong. For example match between Dijon and Marseille in December, my prediction was Marseille -0,25 and N'Jie scored in additional time for 1-2. It's true that OM was better, and they deserved to win, but it could finish like many matches in last two weeks on opposite side of my prediction.

One last thing... as many of you knows I am not betting, so I am not affected with "loosing money" fact, but I am working hard to show my quality and to earn money in future with those analysis. Analysing matches is my passion, I've already proved that I am making profits on long term, and I will convert it to a business! 

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