Sunday, 12 February 2017

Unlucky round

I need to admit, that this round was really unlucky for me. Two red cards ruined my yesterday's match, one red card todays match (undeserved in my opinion), and right now we were able to see two quick goals of Rennes and injury of Plea after half hour of the match. It was interesting, rare seen situation at second goal of Rennes, when assistant referee disallowed goal because of offside, and then after several talks with main referee decided that it was not an offside and they considered that goal should be allowed and it was 2-0 (it was good, fair decision, but anyway, referee's decisions are just the opposite from my side in this round). Another match I was looking at was St. Etienne against Lorient, where first pick was over 2,5 goals, but without Marveaux it will be hard so another was straight win of St. Etienne, but odds dropped too much, so Nice was the last pick in this round. 

I will make post match analysis for all the matches tomorrow to be clear if I made mistake anywhere, or missed some important fact, but for now.. I can not see any mistake. New winners are coming soon... I strongly believe that luck in sports betting is 50/50, so it will come around. Sooner or later, referee's decisions and strange situations will be in my favour.

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