Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Bulgaria - Netherlands

PICK: Netherlands AH -1 @2,04 PINNACLE 3/10

On Saturday evening 2nd placed Netherland is coming to Sofia on Stadion Vasil Levski to face 4th Bulgaria.

Bulgaria won Luxembourg (4-3) and Belarus (1-0) at home and they have only on point less than Netherlands. Although both opponents were far from level of Netherlands. France and Sweden beaten Bulgaria with 3 goals difference. It's true that both on their stadium, but things shouldn't be much different here. Bulgaria has problems with generation, as there is no top players. Squad is mixed with players who play in domestic league and abroad players - but those are mostly in Russian, Turkish or Poland league. Moreover, Terziev, Dimitrov, first goalkeeper Stoyanov and captain Svetoslav Dyakov are ruled out due to injuries.

For Dutch national team this is a must win situation as they are and probably will be till the end in the battle for 2nd spot with Sweden. Both teams at 7 points, playing against Belarus and Bulgaria in this round and from both is expected to add 3 points on their account. They played solid against France, deserved a point but Lloris was simply to good to beat. 

As mentioned, it's a must win for Netherland if they don't want to live another disgrace after not qualifying on Euro. Players like Robben, Wijnaldum, Strootman, Depay, ... all play important role in their clubs in top European leagues. Even though there are some concerns in Netherland over Blind and his capabilities of being national manager I believe that this team possess too much of quality and strength to lose points in Sofia. I expect comfortable win of Oranje to hold step with France, and probably also with Sweden.

FT: 2-0

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