Monday, 20 March 2017

Post match analysis

Comment: Last round before national break finished solid. It could be much better as match of Las Palmas and Villarreal was full of chances, but prediction was missed on match with the lowest stake, so profit was rock solid and I'm satisfied with it.

Ligue 1

Metz 1-0 Bastia
Prediction: Metz AH -0,5

Except free kick in last minutes of the match, Bastia didn't create anything dangerous. They can be thankful to goalkeeper Leca, that they lost only with 1 goal difference. I'm satisfied with analysis, as match turned out exactly as expected. Metz was far better team and deserved the victory.

Nancy 2-3 Lorient
Prediction: Lorient team totals over 0,75

The craziest match of the round. Nancy lead the half-time with 2-0 but in second half things changed. Lorient didn't looked good enough in first half, but in second they totally deserved to reach points in this match. In substituted defender Ciani with winger Cabot, started playing much more offensive and first goal came in 66th minute. In last 10 minutes of the match everything turned wrong for Nancy. First Lorient scored equaliser, while in 94th minute Nancy lost ball and Lorient's counter attack was converted to a goal and they've won important 3 points in relegation battle.

La Liga

Las Palmas 1-0 Villarreal
Prediction: over 2,5 goals

For those who didn't have chance to watch the match, watching highlights will tell you everything. It's true that match was affected by stupid mistake of Ruiz (red card), but even with 11 on 10, match was full of chances. If we are counting only really good chances, final number is 8 and only 1 was converted to a goal. Andres Fernandez, goalkeeper of Villarreal had amazing night, saving impossible situations and even if they lost, he received the highest mark. There is nothing else to say,.. I am totally satisfied with analysis.

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