Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Post match analysis

Comment of the round: Asian handicap market finished with plus again, while on over/under market bookmakers are showing their strength. You can see all statistics here! I am satisfied with round, even though it finished with small deficit. Analysis were pretty solid, pointing on actions on the pitch which actually happened (much better Nice, correctly predicted situation of 3 of 4 goals on match of Metz and Caen, plenty of chances and lots of bad luck on match between Montpellier and Lorient,..). Well I am little bit unsatisfied with Nantes-Bordeaux match, but as mentioned, you cannot predict the injury of key attacker, so things might finished differently there as well. 

Nice 3-1 Nancy
Prediction: Nice AH -0,75

As analysed, Nice was far better team on the pitch. Even without both main strikers Plea and Balotelli, they were simply too good in midfield and Nancy didn't create almost anything. Except one set-piece situation and on chance in second half at 2-1, they weren't dangerous at all. Their first goal came after big mistake of Eysseric after corner kick. Most of all was exactly as expected, so I am satisfied with both, analysis and prediction.

Metz 2-2 Caen
Prediction: Metz AH -0,25

Odds on Metz looked as a gift for me, but stake on prediction was only 3 units as I wanted to be little bit more careful. Many things from analysis had happened in this match. First half was more or less boring, without serious chances, while in second Metz started playing better, more direct. Sarr scored with amazing overhead kick, but unfortunately Caen scored as well. And they scored exactly from predicted situation. Set-piece, cross into the box and header, this time by Santini. Metz pressed more after equalising goal of Caen, and action on right flank ended with nice assist by Balliu and as predicted, Diabate continued his good form on Symphorien with a scored goal. 2 minutes before the end, Delaplace was on the ball on the right side of attack, turned in the middle and send a cross into the box, where Biševac and Balliu weren't good enough with covering Rodelin, who scored with a header and final result was 2-2. I seriously don't understand why Hinschberger didn't use tall defender Milàn in this match. 2-2 means, that my prediction was half lost. 

Montpellier 2-0 Lorient
Prediction: over 3 goals

I predicted plenty of chances in this match and I think that you'll be able to see everything in video. We saw 2 goals in 27 minutes, and after that it is hard to believe what both teams were missing. We saw more than 20 shots in the match, some of them were stopped by the post, others amazingly by keepers,...  as I said, everything in highlights video.

Nantes 0-1 Bordeaux
Prediction: over 2,5 goals

Derby finished with 20 attempts, pretty open play from both sides, but with only one goal. In first half Nantes scored, but goal was disallowed because of an offside. After that Dupé made two amazing saves and half time ended with 0-0. It's worth to mention that Nakoulma picked up an ankle injury after brutal start of Pallois in first half and after that he didn't play on his level. As everyone, following the Ligue 1 knows, without Nakoulma, attack of Nantes relies mainly on Sala again, and if anyone, then he is not an goal scoring type of attacker. He could be well used for 60 minutes as partner of player like Nakoulma, but not alone. Anyway Pardo was in ideal opportunity to equalise the score, but he tried to be Ronaldinho, and Bordeaux defenders saved the situation. That was the match about which I was hesitating the most, but after all the chances, and ankle injury of Nakoulma, I cannot say that I was wrong. 

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