Friday, 12 May 2017

Dijon - Nancy

PICK: Dijon AH -0,5 @2,02 PINNACLE 3/10

Direct relegation battle will be hosted on Stade Gaston-Gerard, where 18th placed Dijon will face 19th placed Nancy. There is only a point difference between those two teams and with two rounds till end, match is crucial for both. It's true that they can both survive also with a point, as Dijon is playing in Toulouse, while Nancy will host Saint Etienne. 

I saw some moments from Dijon's last trainings and it looks that there is good atmosphere in the club. They have better goal difference then all 5 teams in relegation battle and with home win on Sunday, their season would be saved in front of direct relegation, but 18th placed still means that they will play qualifications against 3rd placed team in L2. It's still unclear who will be on 3rd place of L2 as difference between 2nd and 6th team is only 2 points, but I think that Dijon would win (survive) the qualifications. I have spoken about Dijon a lot lately, and as I've said in my opinion, they aren't a relegation material. Their team, especially with Diony, Tavares, Abeid and Lees-Melou is quite solid, and as they did it against Angers, when it was needed to escape the most dangerous zone, I expect that they will do it against Nancy as well. In last match they failed in Guingamp but as I wrote in post match analysis, especially in first half, they were at least equivalent if not better team on the pitch. It was simply a bad day of Dijon, and I expect them to bounce back. Captain Varrault said that players are aware, that this will be the most important match of the season.

The same goes for Nancy, but seeing coach Correa on press conference, you can easily see under how big pressure they are. It's a question if he will stay in his place if Nancy will be relegated, but it's true that they arrived in this tough period of season with lots of injuries. Veterans Pedretti and Diarra are on the list, young creative midfielder Ait Bennasser and left full back Muratori as well. They have lost last 7 away matches, and they are under big pressure, because if they will fail against Dijon, their hopes for 18th place and qualifications to stay in L1 are done.

First match in the season ended with 1-0 for Nancy, but Dijon had chance to make it 1-0, but Diony missed the penalty. Goal of Nancy came after set-piece from longer distance, when ball was bouncing for a while in the box of Dijon and ended behind the back of Reynet. Another big difference between first match and this one is that Lenglet, key defender of Nancy then is now member of Sevilla and won't be able to help his former team. Even though true rival of Nancy is Metz, Dijon is not far from this city neither. Around 200km difference between the cities means that Nancy will have support from the tribune, but I highly doubt that it will help. Dijon is all in all team with more quality, and especially at home I think that they will get things done, because match in Toulouse will be highly uncomfortably and they will need lots of luck to save the season there. Moreover, draw doesn't count for Nancy, so they will need to go on all or nothing. They are not the team who would prefer to play in this way. They have scored only 26 goals in whole season, while Dijon for example have scored 18 more. Their offensive part of the team is simply too good, and I think that match will finish with 2-1/3-1 in favour of Dijon.

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