Saturday, 10 June 2017

International matches

As written in the post HERE, I advised you to minimise your stakes for international matches. We've seen yesterday, that side who had only two points and played with almost the new squad (preparing next generation) is totally capable to beat the team, who was with amount of points above Netherlands and in the game for 2nd place. Anyway.. take a look of Savitskiy goal for Belarus at 1:30!

In the same group we've seen the other surprise, as Sweden managed to beat France. I am very disappointed by Deschamps, who I think is using 50% of the country's potential. "Luckily" Evra is out, so Mendy "needed" to play, otherwise we would probably see someone from "experienced" players in the squad. I will make a deeper post match analysis of this match during the week. For now, besides the lineup, I don't understand why is one of most talented squads mainly attacking with crosses. And by mainly, I mean at least 80% of attacks. Moreover, except one cross which finished on head of Griezmann, all of them were sent to Giroud, who was jumping more than running. Even though he is a goalscorer, I think that France is capable of much more, with different tactics, different lineup and especially modern football. Kante was pronounced as the best player of Premier league but looks that he hasn't got the place in French lineup. Prolific youngsters - Dembele, Mbappe, Lemar.. are they really to young? Too unexperienced? Not good enough? That he is choosing a player, who was sitting on the bench for majority of matches in Tottenham? 

I've learned my lesson and I will stay out of those matches. I can share matches, which were on my list besides France and Bulgaria:
- Kazahstan v Denmark, PICK Denmark AH -1 @1,85 1/10 
- Serbia v Wales, PICK Wales AH +0,5 @2,32 1/10 
- Azerbaijan v Northern Ireland, PICK Azerbaijan AH +0,25 @1,99 1/10


  1. What about Scotland-England today big bet?

    1. Hi @Arzu Veliyev. Unfortunately I didn't see your comment earlier, but anyway I stayed far away from this match. Besides.. it was another "crazy one". In my opinion, it's just better to stay away.

  2. Good call for this 3 matches. Too bad N Ireland scored in last minute...