Dear followers! I have received few massages recently.

1. Many of you are asking to give you matches everyday, or for every day accumulators with odds 30, or even for fixed matches...

As you can easily see, I am publishing only singles. Never putting not even two matches together. I don't support gambling! Do you want my opinion? Accumulators are not way to profit. Especially not with 5-6 favourites on one ticket. That's gambling for me. I would bet my arm, that you won't get rich with accumulators on long term. No chance! And yes, let me response once and forever on the question about fixed matches. If there will be match fixed somewhere in the world, then don't worry - this information will never come up on facebook. Never! You really think that someone would risk "life", for putting such informations on social media? Millions of people were scammed by "so named" fixed matches sellers, which are there to sell the information, and after it, they are gone, gone with your money in their pocket! Stop losing money for scammers!

As mentioned million times, I am analysing mainly French and Spanish first league! More than 80% of matches are coming from those two leagues, and there is no quota of matches for me. It totally depends of the weekend, if there will be 6 or 10 analysis or just 1. All the analysis are published! I am not hiding anything, so everyone who is following me can see everything! 

And remember, money management is important! Don't use your "last 2 cents" for betting! 

2.  That you cannot see all of my analysis on Facebook page!
Let me explain what do you need to do to see all of them. 
- click on my page, then on arrow next to "Following", and select "See First" and "On" 

Now click on the "pencil icon" under the "NOTIFICATIONS" and in window which will open to you click "All Posts" and "Done". That's it!

3. That you cannot see or understand my predictions. 
I am always posting links to my site on facebook page. To see analysis, you just need to click on the picture or anywhere else in this "golden box".

You'll be redirected to the site, where you'll be able to see whole analysis. You can see the prediction, written with golden colour. If you cannot understand what it means, you need to click on "Asian lines" in "golden box".

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